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Self blame can be detrimental to your well being. Blaming yourself after an attack or traumatic experience can lead to instrusive thoughts, low self esteem and even depression. Knowing how to combat these thoughts is the first step into entering your healing era and finding the power to begin building a beautiful life and future for yourself. 



It’s crazy how I came across your song Triggered while exploring music on YouTube…. specially when they hit home with me very deeply right now with all that I am dealing with and going thru with the abuse, and the whole dark n lonely side of my life….

I love how your songs just describe how i feel. People haven’t understood how i could keep my mouth shut while being abused for years. I was 9-10 when it started. I thought it was normal and then when I mentioned it to someone i was accusing of lying and then being a mental case. I still to this date after 3 years of telling people in my family they still don’t believe me and hes still in the family. Your songs just make me feel like im heard. Ive never met you (i wish i could) but you have changed my life on how i see myself. I have always had self blame and your story through your songs help alot. Thank you for having a voice for survivors that dont have one or cant have one.

I can’t thank you enough, for being so brave and strong to write such powerful lyrics. There is not one song of yours that doesn’t describe me or what’s in my head. I owe you, and I wish you all the best in everything you do. I will always be one of your number 1 fans💚❤️

Thank you for putting yourself out there and talking about such a taboo subject. Your voice is amazing and your songs are so freaking good!! I have been listening to them non stop. I feel like there is someone out there too and I am not alone. If I had an id I be going to the Philly show I wish I could come and see your show, hopefully I will get to see you live soon. Your music has helped me in ways that you will never know!!! Thank you again. You are so completely freaking brave for doing this. I hope you rock that show and all your shows. Thank you for being a voice for survivors!!!! Maybe now there will be awareness and there will be more help for survivors. 🖤

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