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Our Mission

At a time when women's rights and access to healthcare are at-risk in America, so is Planned Parenthood. From signing online petitions to contacting your local representatives, there are plenty of ways to make your voice heard and start taking action. But while you're in the process of organizing your call-to-action, why not wear your support? Shop the designers donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood, whose government funding could be cut under the new administration, stripping away healthcare access for millions of women.

You’ve probably heard alot of people on twitter and Facebook fight about how the argument of what if a woman is raped? Will she be forced to give birth to the child of her rapist? Is one that many are angry about. A woman SHOULD NOT have to be violated to be in control of her own body. However the sad fact is these circumstances absolutely occur and the mental health of that woman or uterus bearing person is altered in ways that cannot even be described. SkyDxddys music has a long history of being in support of survivors of sexual assault, that is why during this time we must not forgot about the woman who have experienced this situation. We see you. We stand with you. And we will fight for you.